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12/10/2019: ICCF Tournament Entry System
Survey … Details

12/3/2019: ICCF Congress 2020-Change of Venue and Change of Dates
To ICCF Officials and National Delegates … Details

11/29/2019: Current Rating Period ends at 30/11/2019
Tournament Directors are asked to complete the registration of results in postal tournaments. … Details

11/28/2019: Server Unavailability on Tuesday 3rd December 2019
The server will be unavailable for twenty minutes from 09:00 Server Time (GMT) on the morning of Tuesday 3rd December 2019. … Details

11/17/2019: First Updated List III Tournament IM Celso Sánchez Pouso And VII Anniversary Fedapven
Update … Details

10/25/2019: Norwegian CC 75 years in 2020
Deadline extended … Details

10/22/2019: III Tournament IM Celso Sánchez Pouso And VII Anniversary Fedapven-ICCF
Announcement … Details

10/21/2019: CXEB 50 - Years Anniversary Open Tournament
Last call and deadline extension … Details

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12/12/2019: Case, William has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

12/12/2019: XXXVII Lithuanian CC Championship started with 15 players

12/12/2019: England-Russia 2016 was won by England

12/12/2019: ICCF Aspirers Group 168 was won by De Peindray D'Ambelle, Philippe; Horváth, János

12/12/2019: Moskalenko, Eduard has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

12/12/2019: Germany Candidate Masters 05-D was won by Halliwell, Toni

12/12/2019: 8th Chess 960 World Cup prel. 6 was won by Höppenstein, Michael; Trofimov, Vladimir Markovich; Byrne, Michael

12/12/2019: WS/CCM/A/8 started with 15 players

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 GM Arno Nickel (2620) SIM Zlatin Stoyanov (2497)
 SIM Vladimir Nikolaevich Gerasimov (2452) Evgeny Vasilievich Lobanov (2372)
 GM Tansel Turgut (2610) SIM Hagen Tiemann (2480)
 FIDE GM Erwin l'Ami GM Richard V. M. Hall (2595)
 GM Richard V. M. Hall (2595) FIDE GM Erwin l'Ami
 GM Aleksandr Surenovich Dronov (2671) SIM Paul M. Tulfer (2525)
 GM Sérgio Badolati (2512) SIM Rüdiger Löschnauer (2480)
 Ubirajara M. Mesquita (2463) Ion Rotaru (2237)
 SIM René C. H. Raijmaekers (2502) SIM Uwe Staroske (2530)
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