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10/26/2020: Planned Server Maintenance
There will be a few minutes of server downtime on the morning of Tuesday 27th October at 09:00 server time. … Details

10/26/2020: Zone 1 versus World Zone 2020
historic match … Details

10/5/2020: World Cup 21 comes to an end
– the winner is GM Matthias Gleichmann (GER) & the silver medalist SIM Wojciech Krzyżanowski (POL)! … Details

9/29/2020: I OPEN TOURNAMENT Friends of Aristoteles (CUB)
Main closing date for entries 5/10/20 … Details

9/28/2020: 11th Ladies World Championship final
New Ladies World Champion … Details

9/22/2020: Gerd Schowalter New European Champion
Tournament complete … Details

9/8/2020: Server Development - Player Features
your change to input … Details

9/4/2020: European Individual Server Championship 2020 – Semi-Finals
Last call for registration! The deadline is the 10th of September. … Details

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10/27/2020: First Welsh International Open, Preliminaries Section 13 was won by Keevil, Paul

10/27/2020: Delgado Ramírez, Neuris has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

10/26/2020: Czech Championship Semifinal, section 54 started with 6 players

10/26/2020: 42. Czech Cup started with 5 players

10/26/2020: 41. Czech Cup started with 15 players

10/26/2020: 20. Czech Veterans Championship Final started with 13 players

10/26/2020: Chess 960 - Final 13 was won by Burzhanetskaya, Svetlana

10/26/2020: Natcor TMLC20 PremI started with 2 players

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 SIM Jens-Uwe Klügel (2517) Frank Pöss (2513)
 GM Stephen E. Ham (2578) GM Wolfgang Brodda (2581)
 GM Arne Bjuhr (2478) SIM Miron Sferle (2486)
 SIM Andreas Brugger (2540) GM Jason Bokar (2526)
 GM Pavel Sváček (2550) FIDE IM Sebastián Iermito
 Casper Schoppen SIM Heinrich Repp (2510)
 GM Peter L. Coleman (2607) GM Stephen E. Ham (2578)
 IM Thorsten Eckhardt (2471) GM Wolfgang Standke (2494)
 GM J. Hans van Unen (2461) SIM Ulrich Joppich (2470)
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